Finn and Charlie Are Hitched

Every week I put in another chapter in the lives of the married, gay couple Finn and Charlie, and the friends around them: Candy and her sister Mandy, Mandy's son, the young stud Corey, Corey's on-again, off-again indie-rock boyfriend Ken, Candy's long-lost daughter/Ken's roommate Krys, and others. In 2011, Finn and Charlie Are Hitched was nominated for an Ignatz award for Outstanding Online Comic, and I was nominated for Promising New Talent.

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The Early Years: “Hitched”

Before I settled on the 3-panel newspaper style I've been using for the past 8 years, I made three comics designed to fit each on one page of a standard-sized book. You can only read these here. Initially, the strip was just called “Hitched”, but I was never happy with that short name and quickly expanded to it “Finn and Charlie Are Hitched”

It's weird to me to look back at where this all started. Finn & Charlie looked pretty different from how they do now, and I was a very cautious artist. Since then, my skills have gotten much better, and my confidence along with it.

(Fun fact: these comics were inked on tracing paper over my pencils, because I was afraid I'd mess things up, and I wouldn't be able to draw it again. I have since learned that I can always draw it again. Always.)

"How would if be if I grew a soul patch?"Soul Patch

"Ready to go?No Pants

"What the hell are you wearing?Punk Thing