Tony Tschetter Breed has a web site

What do you do?

  • I write a weekly webcomic called Finn and Charlie are HITCHED. I frequently travel to conventions to sell books and spread the word about the comic. I am usually at SPX, CAKE, and APE, among others.
  • I am involved with a community radio station called CHIRP Radio. We successfully lobbied to expand Low Power FM to Chicago and other big cities, and we hope to get a terrestrial signal to complement our web cast.
  • I DJ a weekly radio show at CHIRP Radio every Friday morning from 6-9am.
  • I have a master's degree in linguistics. While I'm not working in academics, it does inform my professional work in UX.

Anything else?

I live with my husband and two cats in a cozy cottage on the edge of Ravenswood, and keep myself enormously busy. Life is good.

My passions are languages, comics, and good food. I read the New Yorker and visit the farmer's market religiously. I consult dictionaries of etymology for fun. I continue my quest for a truly spectacular pie crust.


Things to Come

No specific plans at the moment.

I still intend eventually to to post my master's thesis online. Of course, I can't find some of the accompanying figures and illustrations; they may not be findable or recoverable.